Dear guests,

Welcome to our small holiday apartment in Wässerndorf. We, that is my wife Simone and I Jürgen Kessler and of course our two children Moritz (14 and Anika (11).

To put an end to the vacancy of this apartment, we decided to set up a holiday apartment in 2017. Since Wässerndorf is not exactly one of the "hot spots" of tourism, we did not initially expect such a large demand.

Wässerndorf is one of the Franconian settlements of the 13th century. The village was called Westerndorph at its founding, as it is located in the west of the mother village Seinsheim. In the course of the centuries, the village was renamed several times, until it received its present name Wässerndorf. It is the only place in the area with the ending dorf.

The farm-houses of Schwarzenberg in Wässerndorf and Winkelhof were confiscated by the “Reichsiedlungsamt” in 1938 and were assigned to the Bonnland farmers forced to evacuate. The citizens of Bonnland were settled here because of the expansion of the military training place in Hammelburg. The architectural similarity of all Bonnland yards is striking.

If you are interested, you can find the whole story about Wässerndorf and Bonnland in the chronicles (only available in German language). These books are available in the reading corner in the living room. If you want to buy such a book, please let us know.

Our farmhouse is also one of these farms. In 1978, my parents gave up farming and the anterior new building was built in 1978/79. In 1990, the roof of the dwelling house and stables was newly covered and provided with a "roofing insulation". In 2009 we had the building re-painted.

Wässernorf itself does not have much to offer, so we would like to inform you about the possibilities in the surrounding area on the following pages. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help you and make your stay - whether short or long as pleasant as possible.

Our Philosophy: Treat Mine as if it were your own.

Your family Keßler